неділя, 27 лютого 2022 р.


   Dear readers and advertisers!
   The aggression of our northern "neighbor" somewhat ruined our publishing plans, but did not destroy our resilience and faith!
   The most important thing now is to protect Ukraine, to protect children, to protect our free and happy future.
   I am convinced that the first day of peace will come soon, we will get back to normal work. The grandchildren will continue their studies instead of visiting the bomb shelters. Discussions about the design of the covers and the content of our publications will be heard again at the editorial meetings. Audits and certifications with accreditations will begin.
   And today we support our soldiers-defenders, admire their victories and resilience, pray, hold on, believe in the inevitability of punishment for terror over our peaceful cities and villages, over our children, over our people who just want to live in their country according to their laws and rules!
   The February issue was made BEFORE THE WAR!
   I hope the next one (March) will come out after our victory!
   Everything will be fine! Everything will be Ukraine! Let's defeat the enemy together!
                                                  With respect and faith in victory, Mykhailo Zalisko

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